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First-Rate Personal Care Home in Missouri City

At Anderson Independent Home LLC, our mission focuses on our core belief and philosophy that the personal, physical and spiritual well-being of our clients must come first. We take an inter-disciplinary approach to our management as well as a team approach to our service offerings. Our philosophy stems from four ...
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No Place Like Home

Each resident brings their own unique personality to the group and her ability to interact with them is the foundation to the group’s ability to function as a family unit. Residents may have their own room or may share a  room. Our residents are encouraged to be as independent as possible. Some may chose to work ...
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Our Process

Most of our residents typically originate via a shared referral source. Often times this could be a doctor, nurse, case worker, social worker or even another resident’s family. Doing so allows our qualified staff to better understand the special needs of the particular resident and therefore make a better ...
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April 27, 2022 By Gregory

I visited this facility
I was pleased with Anderson Independent Home, the owner, and what she had to offer my parents. I was impressed with the facility. She's a registered nurse and that impressed me. She did a good job. The property was well maintained. The atmosphere was very, very homey, welcoming, inviting, and pleasant. The accommodations seemed perfect for my parents. They will be able to share a room, and it's already set up. We had an extensive conversation about her background in nursing and we're confident that she'll be able to provide the services my dad needs and my mom as well. His interaction with the people is paramount to helping him with his memory. I don't know if it's going to help him recall, but he needs interaction with other people other than my mom, so it's really good. The rooms were perfect. The setup was perfect. Everything's clean and organized. I was truly impressed compared to where they are right now. They will have their own private suite, a modern bathroom, the furniture is well maintained, and everything is matching. TV was provided, and wi-fi was provided. The residence was nice and the outdoor patio and the backyard was very calming. I thought that was great, especially since my dad has dementia. He's an outdoor type of person, but I have to worry about him wandering off and it appears to be very safe there. I was extremely pleased with the location. If I had to make a decision today, I would choose Anderson Independent Home. The owner and another person were there. It's a very low ratio, which I like. She only has two other clients there, which would make me feel comfortable because there will be enough staff involved to give my parents the attention that they need. I was impressed. I think the food will be fine because this is a small community and the owner is a registered nurse and is a caring person. We had a very extensive conversation about her history in nursing and it made me feel comfortable that I know she would take care of my parents. Everything was immaculate. Everything was perfectly set up. It doesn't feel like an institution. It feels like home. I was extremely impressed with the layout. The dining area looked like what it would be at my mom's home, and my mom's very organized. It's very homey. I was impressed.


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